5 Vegan Related Tweets I Totally Agree With

Because a huge part of my life is being vegan, one of my biggest interests on social media is veganism. There are some vegans on social media who are not my cup of tea, but for the most part, it’s nice to interact with vegans who are happy to be vegan, go through the same vegan struggles that I do, and have advice and insights that I need or relate to. I find that Twitter is a great place to keep up with vegan news and thoughts, and I find that there are a lot of like-minded vegans on there. Following are a few vegan related tweets that I totally agree with.

1. No Willpower Needed To Be Vegan

I think that when people compliment my willpower, they are essentially telling me that they feel like they could never go without meat or dairy.

They may genuinely feel like me ordering something without cheese takes a lot of courage and strength, but the truth is that once you develop enough insight into why you don’t want to eat cheese or meat anymore, it’s not a hard thing to do. It doesn’t require strength. You just do it.

If you want to learn more about meat and dairy and your health, I highly suggest watching What The Health. It’s not gruesome like some other vegan documentaries. It’s on Netflix and YouTube.

What The Health is what finally pushed me into going vegan. It’s what took away the willpower needed to go without cheese.

2.  These Things Are Good

I’ve been a vegetarian forever, and I never felt the need to eat vegan hot dogs while I was vegetarian, but after becoming vegan I found Field Roast’s corn dogs and they are really good.

3. It Feels Good To Be Vegan

One of the reasons it’s so hard not to talk about being vegan is because it feels so good to be vegan! You want to share the things that make you feel good, and being vegan is at the top of the list for me.

I can’t count how many times my husband and I have talked about how good it feels to be vegan.

Being vegan is often on my daily gratitude list.

I can honestly say that going vegan was one of the top things I did in my life so far and will be hard to beat moving forward.

4. It’s Not Just About What I Eat

The other day, someone said in a plant-based group I’m in that there is a difference between being vegan and being plant-based. Being plant-based means you eat a plant-based diet, while veganism is not just about the diet you eat. It’s, in part, about awareness, compassion, and being a vote and voice for animals who do not get a voice or vote.

I may just be one voice and one vote, but add me up with all the other vegans out there and there is more freedom, peace, and life. And it’s just going to keep rising as veganism rises.

5. Vegan Tastes Good

Many people (including me before I went vegan) think that a vegan diet is a boring diet, but it’s not. It’s delicious and varied.

I actually eat more than I did before going vegan. I’m more willing to try things and experiment in the kitchen. I’ve made some things that hands down beat anything I had before I went vegan. I’ve also found some vegan restaurants that make the most amazing foods that I never would have tried before going vegan.

Vegan tastes just as good as it feels.

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