My Thoughts On Companies Promoting Products During COVID-19

There are some people taking advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic. For instance, some people are buying all the face masks and then selling them at a ridiculous price. That is not right. But what about regular businesses that are doing what they always do – promoting their products? Is that alright? I think different people will have different answers, but, in my view, there’s nothing wrong with it.

There Are More Free Things During This Time

There are always plenty of free things out there in the world. You can watch a million videos for free. You can read blog posts for free. You can get advice from people on social media or in forums for free. There are free classes for many different things.

But, of course, some businesses are offering extra things for free at this time.

For instance, Inspire3, the creators of Hypnosis Live and other personal development products, put out this free hypnosis video on the subject of the Coronavirus the other day. I listened to it and can say it’s the same quality of session that they offer on their site. I highly recommend it if you are feeling some fear and worry over the coronavirus.

But, should Inspire3 offer all of their hypnosis sessions for free? No! That would be insane. Money still needs to flow in this world. That’s how the world works. Life is a give and take. We give money and we receive money. We give time and we receive time. The flow of life requires to give and take.

Don’t get me wrong, when it comes to essential things, such as mortgages and electricity, businesses should be showing compassion to customers who are having a hard time financially. But when it comes to things that we don’t necessarily need, but want, it just doesn’t make any sense to me to offer everything for free!

Should Things Still Be Promoted?

Someone in a Facebook group I’m in mentioned that he had an email about the coronavirus from Mindvalley and in it they were promoting one of Marisa Peer’s programs. He was offended that Mindvalley would try to promote their products during this time. He felt like Mindvalley was being greedy and money-hungry.

I just don’t see it like that.

Things like Mindvalley’s programs are beneficial to the world on a normal day, but especially during a time when we have excessive stress, anxiety, and worry.

Mindvalley’s programs have helped me change my thoughts and outlook on the world and my role in it. They have helped me calm down and shift my reactions to the world. They have helped me change my behaviors and the way I engage on a day to day basis with the world. I know with 100% certainty that I’m dealing with all the crazy things going on in the world and in my life right now much better than I would have before any and all of the programs I’ve taken.

Because of how beneficial they’ve been in my life, there are many Mindvalley programs that I recommend on any given day. I feel like they can help the world be a better place and produce more peace, success, and love rather than stress, defeat, and hate.

So, yeah, I think they should be promoted during this time. They can help a lot of people feel better during this time.

I think that spending money on courses that Mindvalley offers is much more worth it than spending money on other things right now.

Promotion is one of the best ways to get things in front of people. The more Mindvalley promotes its products in relation to what’s going on, the more opportunity people have to discover them and benefit from them.

If You Can’t Afford It, That’s Fine

If you can’t afford it, that’s fine. Don’t get it right now. Find free sources that can help you the most. All authors and teachers have free content out there.

I noticed in the Lifebook Membership tribe on Facebook, some people were asking for the membership to be free for a little while longer because of all the issues going on in the world with COVID-19. I get that money is getting tight. My husband lost his job last week and my business has slowed down, so I totally get it.

But, I still went ahead and paid for the yearly Lifebook Membership. Why? Because I wanted it and I know it will benefit my life in a positive way. And, I have the money and can afford it right now.

And that’s how life works! You give things, you receive things, and you keep the flow of abundance moving by doing so. I’m going to keep paying for things that nourish my mind, body, and soul if I can because they are worth the exchange and I want these businesses to stay in business long after COVID-19 goes away.

And, if I can’t afford something I want, I will wait until I can or I will find something to give for it in return, but I’m not going to expect to get it for free. That doesn’t help the people who I’m in an exchange with. It doesn’t help the flow continue to flow.

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