Why You Should Take The Introduction Class Before You Take A Course

If you have a chance to take an introduction class before you take a course, do it. Mindvalley offers free Masterclasses for all of their courses. But, most courses on other platforms offer some sort of introduction class to their course as well. Sometimes they are called webinars. They are always free – at least they should be – and they give you a glimpse into the teacher, their beliefs, and what they are going to teach. I have taken so many Mindvalley Masterclasses and pre-course classes that I can’t even count, so there are a few things I know for sure about them.

There Are Two Big Reasons To Take The Introduction Classes

Take the introduction class before you take the course.

1. They Always Have Value

The presenters know that these pre-classes need to offer value in order to be worth it for you, so they always contain some small tips and tricks in relation to the topic at hand. Sometimes they even include things you will learn in the course itself.

For instance, in the Superbrain quest‘s masterclass, there was a lot of information about brain health and memory, but there was also talk about 10 hacks that you can use to improve your memory, which – I later found out – could also be found in a lesson during the first week of the quest itself.

So, the introduction classes are worth it if you are interested in the subject. They can give you some tips and tricks to use moving forward – or even just some extra awareness around the subject – even if you don’t end up taking the class.

Moreover, they may help you see that you are NOT as interested in the material at hand as you thought.

We all have had the experience where we get excited about a new subject, but that excitement dies down after we learn more about it. The introduction class helps act as a buffer between the excitement and taking the actual class that you pay for. It allows you some time to decide if you’re really interested in it or not.

2. They Give You A Huge Glimpse Into The Course And The Teacher

These introduction classes introduce the teacher and the material in the class. That’s one of the big reasons why, when it comes to Mindvalley courses, I always recommend you take the masterclass before you sign up to the course.

What you see in the introduction course is what you get. The teachers are who they are, so you will be able to feel their vibe and know whether or not you like them.

And, sometimes, even though you don’t mind the teacher, the material will not resonate with you.

I had someone ask me the following question the other day about Duality:

I just didn’t get anything from the introduction class. Would it be a waste to go forward?

From my experience, if the introduction class doesn’t excite you in some way, then you are not going to resonate with the course, and it would be a waste.

There could be a number of reasons you didn’t like the introduction class.

  • Maybe it’s a case of already knowing the information.
  • Maybe you don’t resonate with the teacher.
  • Maybe you are not as interested in that topic as you thought.
  • Maybe you don’t like the approach that the teacher is taking toward the topic.

Whatever it is, listen to your intuition.

If you get excited during the introduction class, then you will likely get excited during the course because the teacher, their thoughts, and the material they talk about is what will be in that course.

Introduction Classes Will Always Require Your Information

You may notice that you can’t just take an introduction class without giving them your email.  This is the annoying part for most people, but it’s also necessary. As someone who has worked online and signed up to a million different things online, I know why it’s important to give your email for a free class from both perspectives.

For Mindvalley, they actually give you material in your Mindvalley dashboard related to the class at hand. So, you need to sign up with an email that either can be used or was used to create a Mindvalley account if you want to access that material.

But there is another reason. They want your email so that they can send you follow-up emails in hopes that you will sign up for their course. I don’t see this as a bad thing. These emails have often reminded me about a course or subject that I forgot I wanted to learn more about. And, you can always opt out of these emails at any time or close down the account you opened if you are not interested. It’s not a big deal.

In the case of Mindvalley, their emails can get a bit annoying. You will get emails about other courses and updates with Mindvalley, which can sometimes be informative, but sometimes they are completely irrelevant to you.

Mindvalley doesn’t quite have their email targeting strategy down yet. I get emails about taking courses that I’ve already taken, which is annoying.

Also, I believe that since I signed up with the Mindvalley Membership – where I have access to all of Mindvalley’s classes at my convenience, I don’t think I should be getting ANY promotional emails about new or old courses, besides an email letting me know when a new course starts since I will have access to it.

In any case, don’t let the need to give your email keep you from taking the free introduction class. You can always opt-out of the emails after you take them, and sometimes you may even find value in them if you are truly interested in the subject of the company.

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