Language Of Desire Review: Can It Help Boost Your Man’s Desire?

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Why do a Language of Desire review? Because I wanted to see if there was something I was missing when it came to my man, his pleasure, and our relationship. Turns out there were a few things. The Language of Desire ultimately improved my knowledge about my man and our sex life, and I think it could do the same for you if you are willing to do what Felicity Keith teaches you in the program.

Language of Desire Review

Warning: Sexual Content Ahead!

This topic is an interesting one. I have a friend who gets offended at anything she reads that has a sexual tone to it. I’m not sure why. She is married. She has kids. She has been intimate. She must understand that sexual intimacy is a huge issue in relationships. But, still, she seems to get extremely upset when the topic of desire and sexuality are brought up.

I feel that when these things don’t get discussed, people are left in the dark. They have questions that go unanswered and concerns that linger around because they can never quite squash them.

For instance, I’m assuming there are plenty of women out there who are not satisfied sexually but don’t dare reach out for help from programs like Language of Desire because they feel like it is a taboo thing to do. That results in their ignorance holding them hostage in an unfulfilling place.

Some women may never have an orgasm.

Some women may not know what true passion or pleasure really feels like.

And some women may end up in a relationship where they are both unsatisfied and it eventually ends because of it.

My advice: If you are in a relationship and that loving feeling is fading or completely gone, then you can’t keep doing what you are doing or things won’t change. If the input doesn’t change, the output doesn’t change. That’s just the way it is. Therefore, you MUST learn something new and apply something new to your relationship if you want to change. That means you need to learn some new tips and techniques that you don’t already know, even if it means reaching out for help in a topic that feels uncomfortable to reach out to.

Here’s A Promo Video For Language Of Desire

Here’s a little taste of what the Language of Desire is all about.

Note: You can watch the full video here. 

What Language Of Desire Did Really Well For Me

I got into the program and saw modules like ‘become a sexual superwoman’ and ‘loving a man’s best friend’ and ‘brain chemistry and sex’ and I got excited. Not like that. But, excited in a way that I figured I was going to learn something new.

And I did.

A few of the things that Language of Desire did for me are:

  • Increased my physical intimacy with my husband immediately. The first night after reading as much information as I could, I used a few of the things Felicity talks about, and I could tell he was turned on. Unfortunately, I wasn’t feeling well and went to bed early. The next morning, though, we had sex and he looked at me in that way that says, ‘Holy crap you’re awesome.’
  • Increased my emotional intimacy with my husband. This isn’t surprising because increased physical intimacy always leads to increased emotional intimacy for us. It’s amazing how you can view your relationship completely different when the physical and emotional intimacy starts to increase, which, by the way, increases my libido! That’s a really good thing!
  • Allowed me to give him more sexual satisfaction. To say he’s more satisfied is an understatement. He’s REALLY happy, let’s put it that way, and this program helped me do that.
  • Taught me that his drive for sex is not the same as my drive for sex, and then allowed me to use that knowledge for good!
  • Made me realize why we, and other couples, get stuck in a rut of not wanting to have sex sometimes. It has everything to do with our differences and drive for sex and nothing to do with time, energy, etc. This was a HUGE eye opener for me and reminded me why it was so important to keep our sex life up and running.
  • Got me more comfortable with saying things that he loves to hear. I thought I knew what dirty talk was until I went through the Language of Desire. By the second module, I was already practicing saying things that I had NEVER said to him before. And, when I actually said them to him, it was obvious that they were things he wanted to hear – desperately – so I’m so glad I put in the effort learning them and saying them.

A few things that Language of Desire might also do for you:

  • Get rid of the notion that you have to be a porno star to turn him on and learn what is acceptable and not acceptable to you. You will create those boundaries that keep you feel safe and allow you to just be a sexual human being without worry. I know plenty of women who believe that they need to act like the girls in pornos in order to really please their man, but that behavior is not genuine for most women. What works is what is genuine to you. You don’t need to say or do things that you are not comfortable with because a) it will be awkward and b) it won’t feel genuine and passionate.
  • If you are single, then the Language of Desire will give you the framework for your future relationships, but it will also give you advice on cranking up the desire while dating.
  • If you are in a long-distance relationship – or need to be apart for a while, there is a module dedicated to you talking about being dirty from a distance through sexting, phone sex, and Skype sex. Including techniques called the ‘No Touch Lay’. And, it when you are back together, it will help you stay physically intimate.
  • If you don’t think he’s going to respond well to you, then there is some information to help you with that too.

How Language Of Desire Works

You can download the whole thing, but I found it easy to go through the member’s area and work through topic by topic.

You can see in the following screenshot, the member’s area has your modules all laid out for you and you can listen to and read the topic in whatever module you are in. You can download the PDF and mp3, but, again, I found it easier just to listen and read inside the member’s area.

language of desire

Each module has a worksheet or two to go along with it. They are PDFs that you can download to your computer or print off.

Basically, the whole thing is an eBook split into different modules and includes mp3 formats and worksheets. You read stuff, you learn stuff, you go through the worksheets and think about stuff, you practice some stuff, and then you tweak some stuff to fit you, your man, and your relationship.

Some Things You May Want To Know Before You Buy Language Of Desire

1. It takes practice to be comfortable with your sexual self, so you are not going to jump right out of this program and be a sexual goddess. You may quickly hit the nail on the head with a lot of techniques talked about, but for other things, you may need to practice to get it perfect.

2. If you are single, you will still benefit from this program. You will become more sexually confident and you will impact your future relationship(s) positively.

3. At the end of some lessons, Felicity Keith might ask you to do something to drive the lesson home further. I know that some women are going to be uncomfortable with some of these things. I know because some of these lessons are hard to understand thanks to what we’ve been taught and how we view certain things, so doing these exercises could go against the very grain of what you have believed for so long. But, it’s important to at least attempt these things because – I guarantee, you will learn something from them and understand more about pleasing your man.

4. You will literally learn how to make your man addicted to you. This isn’t a hoax or a far-off promise. Felicity has a whole module called Brain Chemistry and Sex, and it will teach you how you can create a loop where he gets addicted to you – and where his desire for you goes through the roof. Good, right?

5. It’s not all about raunchy stuff. There are some tender topics inside the program too.

6. There is an entire module dedicated to single people and people who are dating and want to take their relationship to the next level. I skipped over this section for the most part because I’m in a committed relationship, so I can’t say how good or valuable it is.

7. There is a module for when sex isn’t possible, which really relates to long-distance relationships and anyone who needs to have some distance for a while.

The Bonuses

Good Girl’s Guide To Texting Dirty – This gives you 200 text messages and conversation starter ideas. If you are like me, you will find these inspirational. They will be something to try out and spring from as you come up with your own texts and conversation starters that are more personal to you and your man.

Silent Seduction – This is about non-verbal ways to get your man closer to you. I know the power of body language and have always felt I had a good handle on using it to convey my message. It’s just something I intuitively get. However, if you are not aware of your body language and what message it is sending to your men – or men in general… or people in general, then this little bonus can give you some pointers.

Unstoppable Confidence – This is an interview between a guy named Michael Griswold and Michael Fiore – founder of Digital Romance. To me, this interview is about stopping the games. Games are something that many of us, women and men, are used to playing, but I’ve found that they are ineffective in the long run. This interview talks about how to get your man to fall deeply in love with you – and how you can improve your relationship, without games. And it talks about how to be more confident in yourself. It’s long, but I suggest you read or listen to it.

What Language Of Desire Should Do For You

In my opinion, Language of Desire lets you do one thing very well: Turn him on as no other woman can. It gives you insights and techniques to create a passionate and fulfilling sex life for you AND for him. That creates a stronger emotional connection for both of you. And, it creates a stronger relationship.

If you want more intimacy, sex, and pleasure in your relationship (or in your future relationships) I recommend getting this program. I can almost guarantee you will learn a few things from it that will help you in your intimate relationship. I can’t see anyone who wouldn’t benefit from this information.

In the beginning, you may feel a little timid or unsure that you are going to be able to do what Felicity says you are going to be able to do, but just be open to it. Read the information. Use the worksheets. Take action on what you learn. And you will feel really good about your decision to buy this program.

Feeling like you want to take the plunge and see if you can make some changes in your relationship? There is a video that talks more about the Language of Desire, you can check that out here. If you do end up buying it, come back here and let me know what it did for you and what you think other women will get out of it.


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