Review: Life After Death Masterclass On Humanity Stream

I knew I had to take the Life After Death masterclass on Humanity Stream. I once had a friend who was obsessed with Wayne Dyer. To say he worshiped him would be pretty accurate. His face lit up when speaking about Wayne Dyer, and when we went on a trip to Maui, he waited in a hallway to see if Wayne Dyer was going to come out and if he could meet him. I was never that fascinated with Wayne Dyer. I listened to some of his stuff, I liked him, but I wasn’t fixated on him like my friend was. But to hear something from his spirit is something I can’t pass up.

The whole reason I found Humanity Stream is because of the Messages From The Afterlife class. It featured Wayne Dyer’s daughters, Saje and Serena, and Karen Noe, a psychic medium. In that review, I talked about what they said the Life After Death masterclass would be. It was supposed to feature what Wayne Dyer has experienced in the afterlife, help you eliminate the fear of death, teach you how to interact with deceased loved ones, and give you the 33 messages that the ‘We Guides’ have to share. I guess the big thing I thought it would feature is messages from Wayne Dyer since his name was used for the masterclass, but it wasn’t totally like that. Here’s my review of Life After Death.

The 33 We Consciousness Teachings: Not Much Mention Of Wayne Dyer’s Spirit Or The We Guides

Karen Noe Life After Death Humanity Stream

There are 33 concepts in Life After Death that apparently Wayne Dyer’s spirit has told Karen Noe are all critically important for humanity. I thought there would be a lot of talk about how Wayne Dyer or The ‘We Guides’ had stressed the importance of each concept – or how she received the concept – but there wasn’t.

Each lesson was Karen Noe simply sharing essential concepts that can help you be a better, more loving human who feels more connected to others and the world – both physical and spiritual.

The 33 concepts are pretty well-known already. For instance, concept 4 is that you can create miracles in your life and other people’s lives. This notion that we have a power inside of us because we are connected to God or Source is not new. I’ve heard it many times. And that’s the way it goes with all of the 33 concepts.

Life After Death Wayne Dyer Karen Noe Concept 4 Screenshot

Screenshot from my OneNote notes of Life After Death. Each concept was visually put onto a slide like this.

I can’t remember one time she talked about how the ‘We Guides’ or Wayne Dyer’s spirit talked about a concept. I guess I thought that she was going to share their viewpoint(s) on the concepts, not just viewpoints from people in the physical world, including herself.

She did mention A Course In Miracles a few times in relation to a message and how important a concept is, but not the ‘We Guides’ or Wayne Dyer’s spirit.

In short, the 33 concepts are important. They are important for humanity’s peace as well as our individual peace. Karen Noe goes into detail about each concept.

I especially liked that Karen Noe is a vegan like me, and she delicately tied in veganism to the important concept of us all being a part of the We Consciousness, including animals, and how if we disrespect them, we disrespect ourselves.

The 33 concepts will leave you looking at yourself, other people, the physical world, and the spiritual world through different, kinder eyes.

Serena And Saje Lessons

Saje Dyer LIfe After Death Screenshot Humanity Stream

After the 33 concepts are covered with Karen Noe, Wayne Dyer’s daughters take over with some experiences they have had and lessons they have learned.

They both discuss how they found out their dad had died and what happened in the following weeks, including lessons they learned. They also talk about the time leading up to his death and the signs that were there that he would be passing over soon.

They talk about what it was like to have Wayne Dyer as a dad and how it affected their lives.

I enjoyed these modules in Life After Death. I found both Serena and Saje interesting in their own ways. I found them to be honest and genuine. They shared very personal things. I took some good lessons from them and their experiences both with the physical world and the spiritual world.

One lesson that stands out is from Saje Dyer. She talked about not desperately trying to find a purpose in life but instead finding purpose in everyday life. This was a concept I needed to hear and I’ve thought about it daily since I heard her say it.

Karen Noe On Connecting With Deceased Loved Ones

After Serena and Saje share their experiences and lessons in their section of Life After Death, Karen Noe comes back to help you talk to spirits or angels.

As I’ve said before, I’ve had many signs from deceased loved ones in the past. It’s comforting to me. I use oracle cards often and ask for signs all the time.

In other words, I enjoyed these classes because they were right up my alley.

Karen Noe talks about things like:

  • How to know if you are receiving true messages.
  • How to raise your vibration to hear the messages from deceased loved ones or angels better.
  • Common signs from deceased loved ones.
  • How the emotional freedom technique can help you receive messages.
  • How you receive messages in your dreams.
  • How you, personally, get messages.

She has meditations and exercises to practice in her modules.

The MORNING After I Finished Life After Death My Grandpa Gave Me A Definite Sign

The results from taking this class happened FAST.

I haven’t had much luck connecting to my deceased loved ones lately. I used to get signs all the time from my Grandpa, Nana, and even my dogs, but it’s been a few years with only one or two signs… that I’ve noticed anyways.

In Life After Death, I was really focused on the lessons based on connecting to your deceased loved ones because of my strong desire to communicate with deceased loved ones.

The night I finished the course, I finally had a lucid dream about my Grandpa. I was in his house and I saw him and knew that I was dreaming, so I carefully approached him to stay lucid. But when I got near him, I saw that he had my husband’s mother’s face! I tried to will his face onto him, but I found myself unable to remember what he looked like and it was so frustrating to me! I lost my lucidity pretty fast because I was so frustrated.

Karen Noe talks a bit in Life After Death about how to know if you are actually meeting with a deceased loved one in a dream, and because my dream was frustrating and had negative emotions, I know that it wasn’t actually him in the dream. It was simply me expressing my thoughts about not seeing him for so long, and not being able to remember his face was symbolic of that.

When I woke up, I was a little depressed and focused on negative things. I did a chakra meditation that Karen Noe talks about in Life After Death, then I went downstairs and was expressing my negative thoughts to my husband when I turned to make a coffee in the coffee machine and noticed that it said 4:44 on its clock. This is a number that I see a lot since my dog passed away. I woke up at 4:44 am on the morning of his last day in the physical world, and it’s been a common number for me to see since then.

Karen Noe said that your deceased loved ones will communicate through numbers, so I said hi to my dog and enjoyed the fact that he had reached out to me. But then I noticed that the coffee machine’s time was behind real time by a little more than an hour.

When my grandpa first passed, my clocks used to randomly turn back an hour. My grandfather clock (that you have to manually set with buttons) was the clock that used to do this the most, but it’s happened on other clocks too.

In short, I knew that my Grandpa had given me a sign that he was around.

That was an awesome result of taking Life After Death. I think the masterclass has opened me back up to receive messages from the spirit world.

In fact, I think the chakra meditation was an important part of getting the message. In Life After Death, Karen Noe has a lesson on chakras, and she mentioned that when they are blocked, you experience emotional and physical blockages as well. So by clearing out my chakras when I woke up, it was a great way to unblock myself from receiving the message from my Grandpa.

I can’t tell you how good this feels. It feels like I’ve gotten back a talent that I lost somewhere along the way, and I’m excited to use it more and more.

Will You Like The Life After Death Masterclass?

I really did enjoy this masterclass. I’m so glad I took it.

I feel lighter and more connected to the spiritual realm. I feel more sure about life after death and what might be going on there.

I’m excited to see what other messages I’m going to get going forward. And I just feel more positive about myself and the world around me.

If you are expecting specific messages from Wayne Dyer about the concepts, then you will be disappointed. In the masterclass, Karen Noe doesn’t talk about specific things he’s said about these teachings or give any lessons from his spirit around these teachings, which is kind of what I was expecting I guess.

But, the 33 concepts are critically important according to Wayne Dyer’s spirit, and after learning them, I can see why. They are concepts that can help bring about more happiness, peace, and connection in the world, which are all critical to sustaining life in a positive way.

I enjoyed the lessons from Saje and Serena. That’s where you will get the most connection to Wayne Dyer. They have lots of stories about their dad, both in the physical and spirit world, and they have some important lessons of their own to teach.

And, if you want to speak to deceased loved ones, then you will like the lessons from Karen Noe that help you raise your vibration and receive those messages. I’m blown away at how fast it happened for me.

If you are interested in taking the class, you can learn more here.

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