Nabati Mozzarella Shreds Review: Not Good Cold And Not Bad Hot

If you’ve read any of my cheese reviews, you probably know that mozzarella is the one cheese that I miss. But it’s impossible to replicate the taste and texture that I used to love with mozzarella. My friend heard about Nabati cheese and thought that it might be as close to the real thing as we could find. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have it anywhere near her, so I had to go out and try it out for the both of us. All I could find was the Nabati Mozzarella Shreds. Here’s my review.

Nabati Mozzarella Is Not Good Cold

After I went out and bought it, I realized that I had tried it before. We had tried it and it was disgusting and we never used any of the bag we bought in a hot dish because it was so gross cold.

It doesn’t taste like anything cold. It’s just wet and slimy and it turns me off.

Here’s a picture of it to show how slimy it is in your hand.

Nabati Mozzarella Shreds

I think this has to do with the water and coconut oil ratio. Here are the ingredients in the Nabati Mozzarella.

Nabati Mozzarella Shreds ingredients

It’s a good thing my friend had mentioned that people were saying it was good hot or I never would have even tried because it turned me off so much cold.

I slopped it on some nachos and threw it in the oven at 400 degrees. I was quite surprised at how it turned out. It melted beautifully. Better than any other store-bought vegan cheese I’ve tried.

Nabati Mozzarella Shreds on nachos

It did not brown though. I broiled it until my nachos started to burn and the cheese would not turn brown.

I tentatively ate one worried that it would have that weird texture still, but it was good! It was a creamy, melted cheese. It’s not like dairy mozzarella, but it’s the best store-bought vegan mozzarella cheese I’ve had.

It still has no taste when heated. It tastes like nothing.

My friend and I decided that it needed to be mixed with something else in order to liven up the taste. I haven’t tried that yet, but I would say lemon juice, nutritional yeast, or even garlic powder. Just something to make it taste cheesier.

We Tried The Nabati Mozzarella On Baked Pasta Too

After the nachos, I wanted to try it out on a pasta bake, which is one of the places I miss dairy mozzarella most.

It came out pretty good. I forgot to mix the shreds with some sort of flavor, so it still tasted like nothing. But it melted beautifully and didn’t disappear into the pasta as some vegan cheese does.

Nabati Mozzarella Shreds baked pasta

I tried to brown it again, but that didn’t work. So, I added breadcrumbs to it and it held its own with the breadcrumbs.

Nabati Mozzarella Shreds baked pasta breadcrumbs

Even when it cooled down it didn’t lose the texture it had when hot. It didn’t get harder, like the Panago’s cheesy bread does (which is delicious by the way). It was just creamy still.

Nabati Mozzarella Needs More Flavor

It doesn’t have that chewy mozzarella texture or taste, but it stays intact (doesn’t disappear into a pile of coconut oil) and it has a creamy texture. It just needs more flavor. When I get the flavor down, I think it will be one of the best melting vegan cheeses that I’ve bought.

I suggest if you try it, try it as it is first, and then start mixing it with different ingredients to see if you can get a taste that you like. I’ll update this review if I find a good combination.

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