A Technique For Getting Signs From Loved Ones That Have Passed

I consider myself sensitive. I can read people really well. I’ve had plenty of unexplainable experiences. I often call people or reach out to them at a time and with a message they need to hear. That’s just the way I’ve always been.

I’m also the biggest wuss in history. Everything scares me, especially supernatural things.

I can’t watch horror movies because I will be terrified for months and sometimes years afterward. And, the horror movie doesn’t even need to be that scary. It just needs to reflect something that I believe could happen in real life and my imagination will do the rest.

Because I’m so scared of the supernatural, I often pray not to hear or sense anything at night, including loved ones.

But, I still want to connect with my loved ones that have passed on. I still want signs from loved ones that let me know they are around and still connected to me. Mostly my grandparents. I used to get signs from them all the time, but lately, I haven’t gotten anything.

A Technique For Getting Those Signs From Deceased Loved Ones

I think the problem has been that I’ve been begging them for a sign (during the day only), but I haven’t been open to the messages they are sending me. I’ve been stressed out for a while and worried about things, so my focus isn’t as much in the present as it is the future.

I’m working on that. But I know it’s hindering me from sensing things in the moment and listening to my intuition.

The other day, HayHouse started a World Psychic Summit, and I caught a session with Lisa Williams about how to connect with the world beyond.

In her lesson, she described a technique that went basically like this:

  1. Picture the person you want to connect with.
  2. Picture the details in their face.
  3. Picture their voice.
  4. Picture any mannerisms they had that defined them.
  5. Ask them for a sign.
  6. Wait up to 24 hours to see the sign. You will see it in that time according to Lisa.

I pictured my grandpa and the sign I got was a football.

What Happened?

My grandpa was not a football fan. I don’t ever remember him talking about football.

But, I held onto hope that I would see a football.

I did the exercise in the evening, so the next morning my football search began.

I went to Starbucks and listened to all the conversations to see if anyone was talking about football.

I watched all the young people outside to see if they were going to through a football around.


Then I forgot about it as I went home, dealt with some stuff, made supper, and ate.

After supper, my husband and I decided to go out and try a new drink at Second Cup. We hardly ever go out in the evening like that, but I had seen the drink advertised earlier and wanted to try it.

We were forced to sit by the window because all the other tables were dirty.

I picked up one of the open pamphlet things with jokes and ads for the community (I hope you know what I’m talking about – they are often in coffee shops or fast food restaurants) and started reading the jokes. I skimmed over a couple, flipped the sheet around, skipped a few more and then started reading the last joke.

It was long, and I almost didn’t read it, but something pushed me to read it.

It went pretty much like this:

Bill was dying and his friend Phil said, “You know Bill, we’ve been friends for so long and have been fans of football forever. Maybe you can give me a sign that involves football when you die.” (I had already gasped at this point.) Bill agreed. After he died Phil woke up one night to a voice. “Bill is that you?” he said. “Yes Phil, it’s me! And I’ve got some great news. They have football in heaven and all of our old friends are here. We are all young again and we play every Saturday. But, the bad news is that you are on the team on Saturday!”

I didn’t just get a football sign. I got a story where someone who was deceased was talking about football with someone who was not deceased – yet. I couldn’t have asked for a sign that is more clear.

Today Is My Nana

Last night I did the process with my nana, but I had a harder time remembering the little things about her mannerisms and it frustrated me.

In the end, when I asked for a sign, I saw a black and white milk carton with big M I L K letters going down it.

I’m excited to see how this is going to appear in my day!

Update: Right after I published this post, I decided to watch a YouTube video. I clicked on one that had Kristen Bell in it because I like her, and this is what the video was about.

Notice that the cups have MILK spelled on them. Completely unnecessary, but it’s there.

Thanks nana!

Try the technique and see what signs from loved ones you are going to get. Trust me, when you see it throughout your day, you will feel lighter, more connected to everything around you, and downright happy!

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