My Best Tips On How To Stay Vegan For Good

There are a lot of people who try to go vegan but end up reverting back to their old ways within a few days or weeks. They want to be vegan, but they also like the food they used to eat or feel pressure to eat the food they used to eat, so that’s where the slip up happens. I’ve been there. And, I know how to conquer it, even if you really, really love cheese and can’t imagine life without it.

The Best Way To Stay Vegan

Best Tips To Stay 100% Vegan

Whatever your reason is for going vegan, strengthen it. Look up articles, documentaries, videos, or social groups to add more strength behind your reason. And look at these things daily until you can no longer deny the fact that you don’t just want to be vegan, you should be vegan.

For example, if you want to go vegan for health reasons, start to watch documentaries like What The Health. Subscribe to vloggers like Mic the Vegan and watch their videos to help you solidify how being vegan and being healthy go together. And, read books like The China Study.

The more you learn, the more strength you will have behind your reason to be vegan and stay vegan.

I’ve noticed that as you learn about one reason, you will find yourself learning about the other reasons to be and stay vegan as well. Even if you are not interested in how being vegan will affect the environment, for example,  you will come across information as you research your primary reason for going vegan, and it will start to seep into your reasoning for staying vegan and even strengthen it.

So, the bottom line is doing research. Don’t just want to be vegan. Find concrete reasons to help you understand why you want to be vegan and stay vegan.

3 Other Ways To Stay Vegan

Strengthening your reason to be vegan will be enough to stay vegan in most cases, but by doing a few other things, you will find it even easier to stay vegan and really, really enjoy it.

1. Veganize Your Favorite Meals

We all have favorite meals, and when we think about never having them again, it can cause us to revert back to our old ways or make us wish we could revert back.

That’s why it’s important to veganize your favorite meals. They may not all taste exactly the same (many of them will come very close though), but at least you know that you can have some version of them.

2. Follow Vegan Bloggers And Vloggers

There’s no shortage of vegan recipe inspiration out there. Search YouTube for vegan recipes and follow the people you like.

Then follow blogs like It Doesn’t Taste Like Chicken. You will be blown away at what these bloggers can come up with for awesome vegan recipes.

3. Make Your Social Media Vegan

Use your social media wisely and follow all things vegan. Facebook has some awesome vegan groups for socialization. Twitter has a ton of people who are vegan and consistently talk about vegan issues. And, Reddit has a bunch of vegan threads to interact with.

Shoutout to Pringles for making it easy for me to know that I can eat them from r/vegan

Don’t get social with vegans you don’t like. They may deter you away from being vegan or wanting others to know that you are vegan.

But, do associate with the ones that inspire you and motivate you to be the best vegan you can be.

When you surround yourself with vegans who love being vegan, you are more likely to stay vegan.

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