My Keurig K-Latte Single Serve Coffee & Latte Maker Review

Last Updated on April 14, 2020 by Kari

I drink a lot of coffee and so does my husband. He has an expensive machine to froth milk for lattes, but I don’t like to use it. It takes too long. I would rather just have a machine do the work for me so I can do other things. That’s why we got me the Keurig K-Latte single-serve coffee & latte maker. I’ve had it for over 8 months, and I use it almost every day. If you are interested in the machine, here’s my review.

The Size Choices Are Perfect

You get 4 options – 10 ounces, 8 ounces, 6 ounces, or a shot. I usually use the 8 ounces in a regular coffee cup because I like a lot of milk in my coffee. I probably put in 1/3 milk to 2/3 coffee. I realize I’m the exception and most people would be better off with the 10 ounces.

The shot button is supposed to give a more concentrated shot. I don’t use the shot button too much. I did when we first bought it because I specifically bought this machine for lattes, but then I realized I like the taste of a full-size coffee with the minimum amount of milk you can put in the frother.

The Frother

You must put the lid on and put it on tight if you want to get the foam on top of your milk.

As you can see it comes out nice and frothy on top. All the milk is whipped and perfect.

I don’t use dairy milk. I use my favorite non-dairy coffee creamer without exception and it works every single time. Sometimes I even pump a shot of hazelnut into the frother and it still comes out great.

There’s not much to the frother. It’s just a little whipping mechanism at the bottom of the canister. It takes a few minutes to go through its entire process of frothing.

There is a minimum line and a maximum line inside of the canister. I use the minimum for my coffees and it’s a ton of milk. If you were to use the shot button, I would suggest filling it to the maximum line. Make sure you don’t go over the maximum line though. When the milk is being whipped you will see it rise in the canister, and it rises quite a bit as it gets frothed.

The biggest complaint I have about the Keurig K-Latte single-serve coffee & latte maker is that I can’t froth and brew at the same time. I have to wait for my coffee to finish pouring out and then I click on the button to start frothing. It won’t work otherwise.

I have seen other people say that they have to wait until the water stops heating before they can start frothing. Which means they can froth at the same time as their coffee is pouring. So, this is definitely an issue with this specific Keurig machine.

The Water Canister

Here’s another complaint I have. This is a single-serve coffee machine, but the canister should still be a little bigger. The ‘Add Water’ light is constantly on. I can get about two cups in before it turns on.

I should say that I don’t fill the water right to the top. I just dump some water in until the indicator turns off. I would bet that if you fill it to the top you could get 3 cups of coffee. But, regardless, I think the canister should be the length of the coffee maker for those days when everyone is using it and using it a lot.

Use Any Keurig Pod

You can fit any Keurig pod into here. We don’t buy ready to use pods, though. We use our own coffee, so we just use the reusable pods. These little pink ones work great! We got them from Amazon years ago to use with our old Keurig machine, and they have all stood the test of time.

No Big Problems Yet

As I said, I use the Keurig K-Latte Single Serve Coffee & Latte Maker almost every single day, and twice a day at that.

I haven’t had any big problems with it. Not being able to froth and brew at the same time isn’t a huge deal to me because it doesn’t take long to do either. I would say that the water canister constantly needing to be filled is more annoying.

But, as far as how my coffee comes out, I haven’t had any problems.

Our older Keurig (not a latte machine) had a lot of problems when it came to getting it started. Sometimes it decided that it didn’t want to heat the water, so we were not able to make a coffee at its discretion. But this Keurig has never given me a problem. If it does, I will update.

I bought it from Walmart. It was about $100 CAD on sale, so it was totally worth it for me.

Update March 2020: After about a year, the water container has cracked for no reason. We didn’t drop it or bang it or anything, so I’m not sure why it did that. But, until that point, it did the job well.

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