Be A Better Writer Hypnosis: What It Did For Me

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I like to write, and I always want to learn how to be a better writer. Despite that and my love for self-hypnosis, I’ve never listened to a self-hypnosis for being a better writer. I’ve never even thought to look for that until I saw it on Hypnosis Live last month.

Since I trust that some Hypnosis Live sessions can have a big impact on my life, I had to give it a try, especially since a lot of what happens in the near future depends on my ability to be able to write productively or not. As with most self-hypnosis sessions, it did implant a few suggestions in my mind that I can’t shake, and it seems to be helping me to write better, but not necessarily in a technical way.

The Intent Of The ‘Be A Better Writer’ Hypnosis Session

be a better writer self hypnosis

On the sales page for this self-hypnosis, it suggests that you are going to be able to write engaging articles, banish writer’s block, write more often, and get more of your work published. Those are some pretty big claims!

It goes onto say that the self-hypnosis session will help you be more focused and determined to write ‘productively and profusely!’ This will happen, the sales page says, by encouraging you to have freer-flowing thoughts and unlocking your innate writing talent.

It also claims that after you listen to this session, you will relax and the words will come out naturally, and all doubt and hesitation will be banished! And that you are going to remove the obstacles that keep you from getting your ideas out of your head.

Sounded good to me!

The ‘Be A Better Writer’ Session

In the self-hypnosis session, but before the part where you relax and become susceptible to the messages, the narrator talks about three areas that can help you be a better writer.

  1. Consider the reader.
  2. Be aware of your purpose.
  3. Know your message and how you want your reader to experience it.

I’ve heard this a lot in writing workshops. As she talks about each one of these points, I found myself contemplating them a lot.

She also talks about how doubt can come through in your writing and how you should be bold and have confidence in your words.

Then she sets you up for the relaxation session where you are going to ‘meet your inner writer’.

In the session, you jog down to a waterfall and feel a sense of peace and calm. This peace and calm state is the centerpiece for the rest of the hypnosis session.

There are a lot of points made in this session that could help you be a better writer.

These points include:

  • In a relaxed state, you can be a better writer.
  • You are stress-free and worry-free and ready to write!
  • Many ideas can roll into one another.
  • We all have genius in us.
  • You process words in your own special way.
  • The more you relax, the more freely your words flow.
  • There is no such thing as writer’s block.
  • Even when a person says they are at a loss for words, they have still found words.
  • Your ideas spill out of you easily linking together.
  • Writing is a journey, and you are the driver.
  • You have an abundance of ideas that you can easily translate into writing.
  • Let go so that your words can come and flow freely.
  • It’s not about perfection.
  • Express your unique self.

What I Think Of The Hypnosis Session To Be A Better Writer

Those are all good affirmations to have when you are trying to write.

I can attest to not being able to write when I’m stressed or worried or overthinking everything. I start to feel overwhelmed when that happens, and then I affirm to myself that I can’t find the words to write what I want to write. Of course, that order is carried out to perfection and soon I’m not writing anything for the day.

I’ve had that happen to me more times than I can count. I’d say at least a few times every week.

Honestly, I’ve even had it happen every day for weeks.

It’s always the same for me. I sit down with an idea, start to stress out about it, and then the ideas and words won’t come no matter how hard I try. At the end of the day, I have nothing to show. I just couldn’t write anything.

It sucks and it keeps me from the writing goals that I have set out for myself.

So, all of these affirmations in this self-hypnosis session are good for me to soak in. I need to relax instead of getting worked up and remind myself that I’m capable of doing what I want to do.

It’s not always easy to relax, though. It’s easy to tell yourself that if you relax you can write better, but it’s not easy to do it.

For some reason, this hypnosis session reminded me of intuitive writing. I guess it’s because she talks about how words can flow out of us.

I used to love to practice intuitive writing. To me, it’s a creative process to find words you didn’t even know you had.

You simply stop trying to force the word to come and, instead, let the words come freely out of your fingers/mind/wherever. The point is that I start writing and let the words come through me rather than trying to force them out from me.

If I’m really in the flow, this happens naturally. I’ve been known to write a 2000-word article without having to strain myself at all. It’s like the words are being sent to me by someone else and they are just coming out. I did this a lot with that one client who paid me more than he had to.

When this happens, I often find myself thinking something like ‘Cool, I wonder where this is coming from?’ as my fingers rapidly type out letters that form words, sentences, and paragraphs.

So, I’ve been letting myself do more intuitive writing where I stop trying to be perfect in my writing and, instead, just all the words to come.

Did The ‘Be A Better Writer’ Fulfill Its Promises?

I was expecting some sort of lesson on writing, but I guess the ideas to let go, be relaxed, and get into the flow are the big key players here. They are what would help you to banish writer’s block, write more often, and get more of your work published.

They are also the motivator being productive with your writing, as well as writing a lot.

Also, the affirmations that you are unique and have a lot of good ideas to share could help you to unlock your innate writing talent.

In other words, with this self-hypnosis, it’s the simple ideas of letting go, getting into flow, and embracing your talents that encourage you to write more, better, and faster. Combined with the idea to consider your reader, be aware of your purpose, and know your message, this is what helps you to be a better writer.

I have found myself writing more with these affirmations rolling around in my head.

I’ve always believed in writer’s block (because I’ve experienced it A LOT!) but contemplating this hypnosis and the affirmations included, I’ve started to think that writer’s block is just being overwhelmed and closed off to the type of writing where you let your inner writer go wild and free without stifling it with the need for perfection – or any other restraints.

The first time I listened to the ‘Be a Better Writer’ hypnosis, I thought ‘This is it?’ It didn’t feel like much to me. But as I’ve been thinking about it and writing, I can see how powerful the messages really are in it.

In short, I like this hypnosis to be a better writer. It’s not about structuring your writing or improving your technique. Instead, it includes the necessary ideas that help you get your writing down and published.

You can check out this self-hypnosis and their whole collection on their homepage.

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