FabFitFun Winter Box Review: Plus Mystery Bundle And Spring Box Thoughts

It’s 11am, and today has already been an awesome day. I have a big smile on my face. I feel great. And it’s all thanks to FabFitFun’s winter box and the add-ons that I got. A few days ago, I wasn’t so happy about FabFitFun. Why? Because I live in Canada, and getting your FabFitFun box delivered to Canada is like getting a package delivered by snail. My fall box took about two weeks to get to me, which was painful. But, the winter box took three weeks to get to me, which was extremely painful, especially because everyone was showing off what they got in their box and I was trying to avoid spoilers. I admit that I need to practice patience, and FabFitFun has definitely made me do that. Anyway, this morning I woke up to the box on my porch and I can honestly say that it was worth the wait!

Is FabFitFun For You?

Obviously, I love this subscription box. I’ve gotten it for my best friend, and she loves it too. There are some misses in the boxes, though. Like in this review, the ‘cheers’ cards weren’t something I was likely to use. Or, in the summer, my friend got some spray for her hair that was supposed to create beach waves, but it did nothing for her hair.

Moreover, FabFitFun is supposed to contain some stuff for beauty, fitness, and fun, but in review, the winter box lacked something for fitness, which ticked a lot of people off in the forums. I didn’t even think about that until I read some of the complaints.

That said, overall, I think for $49, getting over $200 worth of stuff is worth it. I enjoy it. I think most women would enjoy it. And if you order some add-ons, you get an awesome haul like the following!

This Is A Picture Of The Latest Spring FabFitFun Box.

My FabFitFun Haul

In fall, I ordered the yearly subscription, so the winter box was coming to me either way. But one of the fun things about FabFitFun is that you can get add-ons, so this time around I got two spring boxes and a mystery bundle. I was going to give the extra spring box away as a Christmas gift, but I liked it so much that I’ve decided that I want it for myself. So, it’s all mine!

The mystery bundle costs about $29 USD and it is supposed to contain three surprise items. I’ve never gotten one before, and I’ve read about some positive and negative experiences, so I tried to stay positive that I was going to manifest exactly what I needed, and I did! But, let’s talk about the winter box first.

The Winter Box

I already knew about three things that I was getting in my winter box. This is because FabFitFun allows you to customize some of the products, and this season there were three things to customize.

1. Moleskine 2017 Weekly Planner

We got to choose whether we wanted our planner in pink or green. I’m a pink girl all the way, so it was easy for me to choose.

The planner is pretty basic, though. I’m used to extensive planners, like Agendio’s planners or the Happy Planner, but I know I will find a use for this planner.

The planner just lists out the week in a basic format and then has a lined page next to it for notes, doodling, or whatever you want. There were some stickers in the back of the notebook too. Nothing fancy. But practical. After looking on the website for this planner, it’s obvious that they do sell a bunch of different planners as well as notebooks, bags, writing tools, and more. This planner was worth about $20.

2. Gorjana Necklace

We had a choice between a gold and a silver necklace. I chose the silver because it has a layered effect, and I don’t have any necklaces like that! This necklace is worth $75 on their site, so I’d say it’s a pretty good addition to FabFitFun’s winter box! I’ll be wearing it for New Year’s Eve!

3. D.L. & CO Candle

There were two scents available from D.L. & CO. Blackberry Nectar and Bergamot Woods. I chose the Bergamot Woods. I like it, but it’s not my favorite smell in the world. It kind of smells like Earl Grey tea. I see a lot of people are getting the Blackberry Nectar one and they say it smells like Christmas. I’m kind of regretting my pick!

The candle holder is really pretty and it’s going to go really good with my Christmas decor. This was worth $44.

On customizing: You can only customize your stuff if you are a yearly subscriber. And it’s important to note that you don’t have to pick one or the other. You can say ‘surprise me’ and they will send you whichever one they want. It may be a good choice when you know you could regret your choice later on!

The rest of the box was not customizable, so I had no idea what I was getting.

4. Anderson Lilley Beach Butter Body Cream

It is -13°C and feels like -24°C, so my cream was frozen when it got here. I had to wait a few hours before I could try it.

It made sense to me that cream was in the box. It is winter after all! In fact, last night, as I was talking to my husband about my dry skin, I said, “I hope there is cream in the FabFitFun box!” and that’s the first thing I thought of when I saw it.

The smell makes up for the candle mistake because it is fruity and sweet.  I smell peach the most, but I can smell notes of other things as well. The fact is that it is strong smelling. I like it, but someone like my mother would get a headache from it instantly. So keep that in mind!

You can find it here. It’s worth $24.

5. O.R.G Skincare Mineral Peel Face

When I first read, ‘peel face’, I kind of thought of those people who get their face done with chemicals and come out looking red and burned. But, after researching this a bit, I’m not terrified of using it anymore. It’s an all-natural exfoliate that takes off dead skin for a smoother and softer looking skin. I read that if you use it before putting on makeup, you will create a smoother surface for your makeup.

The reviews on it from their website are great. I don’t have sensitive skin, but some reviewers were saying that they do and it didn’t irritate their skin at all. OK, I’ll go try it out and be right back.

OK, that was the weirdest and coolest thing. You spray it on, rub it around, and all these little bits of skin ball up and come off. My skin definitely feels softer – no question. As far as brighter, I don’t really see it. But it doesn’t matter because my face feels amazing!

6. Marie Mae Company Thank You Card Set

This is my least favorite part of the winter box. There’s not much to say about them. The cards say ‘cheers’ on them, which is not something I ever say. And, they have mariemae.com on the back of them. I may use them once or twice if I really need to say thank you to someone, but I can’t see it. It would be better if they said ‘thank you’ on the front at least.

You can read more about them here. They cost $24.

7. Butter London Iconoclast Mega Volume Lacquer Mascara

That’s a mouthful to say, and I wasn’t too excited about it when I saw it, but when I put it on – well, this is an awesome product! It’s worth $20, but it’s priceless when it comes to makeup.

It made my lashes look longer than they ever have before. It didn’t clump. It went on easy. It separated my lashes. And it didn’t smudge, even when I touched it a few seconds afterward with fingers and then curled them. This is my new mascara, for sure.

The only thing is that it’s hard to get in and out of the box. I guess because of the way it is designed.

You can read more about the mascara here.

One Of The Perks Of Being A FabFitFun Member

One of the things I love is that there is a section called ‘exclusive offers’ and in there you can save on future purchases for some of the items from the box.

So for the winter box, the savings include:

  • 20% off sitewide at mariemae.com
  • 25% off + free shipping on orders over $60 at Anderson Lilley
  • 20% off sitewide + free shipping at O.R.G. Skincare
  • 30% off sitewide at butterlondon.com

The Mystery Bundle

So I’ve heard a lot of people complain about the mystery bundle, but I’m really happy with it. Remember, I said I decided to think positive and try to manifest things I needed? Well, I only got one mystery bundle, but there were three awesome items in them. In total, the products came to $78. So, $29 wasn’t that bad to pay!!!

1. These Things

At first, I was ticked off. I thought I had gotten a Christmas ornament with ribbons inside from a place called Knotty. It wasn’t until I got on my computer and figured out that they were hair ties that I was over the moon happy. They are super cute. I got 14 of them and they are in pink, red, and gold and they have all kinds of designs on them. They are tied in a cute little knot and they hold up my mess of hair really well! It’s funny because just yesterday I walked past the hair accessory aisle and thought, I should pick up some hair ties from there, but then I kept walking. Now, I have 14 hair ties that I love! Four of these cost $8, so I got over $24 worth in my mystery bundle.

2. Cargo Cosmetics Eye Shadow (Around The World)

We got some eye shadow in the fall box, and I liked it, but I’m not really a pro at making eye shadow look good, so it’s only natural that I would manifest some more eye shadow to me that suits me. On the back of the box, it shows you which colors go in what quads for the perfect look.  It couldn’t get any easier. I’m feeling confident. You can find it here. It retails for $34.

3. Deborah Lippman Happy Birthday Nail Polish

Lastly, I got glitter nail polish. This is not something I would buy for myself, but it is something I want to try. So, it seems fitting that it would come to me this way to force me to try it out. You can find the nail polish here. (Their pic is much better.) It’s worth $20.

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