5 Things Jill Angelo Taught Me About Myself While Learning About Sacred Spaces

The outside world can suck. We don’t often get a say in our environment when it comes to other people’s space, but we do get a say in ours! I’ve always valued my home, my car, and my space at work. But, I really got a sense of how much I value those things and how much they can influence my life when I took Jill Angelo’s course called Creating Sacred Space.

Screenshot of Jill Angelo talking about creating a sacred space.

I took her course through Soulvana, which is a part of Mindvalley. Soulvana offers monthly courses for spiritual growth and development. If you know me, you know I love Mindvalley. I’ve taken quite a few of Mindvalley’s courses.

I’m not sure if her course through her site is the same as the one on Soulvana, but I would assume it would be extremely similar. She teaches classes around this subject, and the stuff she talked about in the Soulvana course had a lot of examples around her teaching.

She also has a book on Amazon called Sacred Space: Turning Your Home Into a Sanctuary

I honestly thought the course would be focused mostly on arranging your room into a sacred space that makes you feel more alive and connected. But, while she talked about things that help you physically create a sacred space, she also taught how to get yourself into a state where you can create a sacred space. This is because the way you act and think can have a huge impact on the way you feel in a room and how you decorate it to become a space that makes you feel happy, peaceful, alive, or inspired.

Following are 5 things that Jill Angelo taught me about myself while I learned about creating a sacred space.

1. Getting Present Can Be As Simple As Stretching

I’m always looking for more ways to be present and mindful. One thing that she said was that stretching can often be a starting point for going inward. Ever since then I’ve realized how much more self-awareness I have during and after a good stretch. So, I’ve been stretching a lot more than I used to and I’ve realized that I’m much more present because of it!

I highly recommend you try stretching to bring your awareness inward.

2. I Need To Make More Room For Important Things During My Day

Taking an extra few minutes to sit down and talk to my husband first thing won’t ruin my whole morning routine that I have, but I often pass on the chat so that I can get on with my routine. Why? He is one of the most important things in my life and in my space, so why not take some extra time with him when I can?

The point that I really left with is that there are things that are sacred to me in my routine and in my home, and I need to slow down and really be present during the moments I’m doing those things or in that space in order to fully feel engaged.

3. I Need To Sleep With My Phone Out Of My Room

I used to hate cell phones.  When I was in my early twenties, cell phones started to become a real big thing. I remember hating them because they distracted people while we were out. It felt like I was out with them AND whoever else decided to call their phone.

Then one day I got a phone. It became easy to browse the internet and watch things like YouTube, and I became one of the people that annoyed me.

Since I’ve gotten my phone, I have always slept with it right beside me, which means if I wake up and go to the bathroom, I instantly pick up my phone and take it with me. It also means I’m on my phone pretty much until I decide to go to sleep.

I hate that habit. But, I do it anyway because it has become such a fixed habit.

Jill talked about how bad the phone’s energy is for you while you sleep, and, while I’m not sure it’s really affecting me that way, I do know that it’s taking my attention away from my bedroom.

It doesn’t just affect me before bed. Instead of waking up and being present, I grab my phone and look at stats or watch YouTube and get out of my body and room – somewhere – where I’m disconnected.

I do consider my bedroom a sacred space that I love to be in but don’t appreciate while I’m on my phone.

It’s time to keep my phone downstairs and make my bedroom time more meaningful.

4. I Have A Lot Of Nature In My Home

I love having plants in my home because I love nature and want it near me. But I don’t buy them anymore because I’m not very good at keeping them alive.

When Jill was talking, she made me think about the decorations in my house, including my paintings, sculptures, and knickknacks, and I realized that I have brought a ton of nature inside – in my own way – and that’s shifted the way I feel about my space.

I also feel like I’m going to be more conscious about what I bring into my space and ask questions before I purchase it. Is it from nature? How close to nature is it? Does it remind me of my favorite nature spots?

5. I Love Quotes For Many Different Reasons

I have a blog focused on quotes. And, I have quotes plastered all over my house, even on my bathroom mirror. When I see little quotes on pillows, pictures, or even cups, I want them!

I knew that I loved quotes because they help remind me of things I want to remember. For instance, on my wall by my workspace I have a quote from T.D. that says ‘Never make a permanent decision based on a temporary situation.” I wrote down that quote when I was having problems with someone and was ready to throw in the towel on my business.

But, what Jill Angelo taught me is that quotes help ground me and be more present. They are a way to get out of my head and into the moment.

They also help me reflect on something meaningful or a great memory that I have. This is especially true when it comes to quotes about home, family, and love.

And, they remind me of great people and events in history – both in my life and in others. Often when today gets too overwhelming, it’s nice to be reminded of things that we have overcome or of things that really matter.

Lastly, they act as affirmations that help me shift my beliefs and thoughts and become more of who I want to be.

No wonder they are a part of my sacred space!

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