The Walking Dead Monopoly Review: Will You Want To Buy It?

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The first thing we asked for when family wanted Christmas ideas was The Walking Dead Monopoly game. My husband and I are both fans of the The Walking Dead… well, maybe not this season so much, but previous seasons for sure. So, on Christmas, we ended up getting the AMC version of the game below, which is exactly what we asked for.

Walking Dead Monopoly Game In Box

The game board is beautiful. Seriously. The pictures and colors and all the little details get you into a Walking Dead frame of mind instantly. Unlike the regular Monopoly board, each property has a picture of that property as well. So whether you land on Alexandria’s main gate or Hershel’s Farmhouse, you will have a visual representation of that property.

They grouped properties into realistic groups. For instance, the yellow properties are Terminus, Railroad Tracks To Terminus, and Father Gabriel’s Church. The green properties are all the different communities right now – Savior’s Compound, The Kingdom, and Hilltop. And the most expensive places, the blue properties, are Alexandria Main Gate and Alexandria Guard Tower.

Walking Dead Monopoly Game Board

Instead of railroads, you get The Walking Dead forms of transportation including a horse, RV, tank, and motorcycle.

Survivors and horse walking dead monopoly

And, instead of chance and community chest, you get Survivors and Walkers.

Survivors and Walkers walking dead monopoly

The game pieces are Negan’s bat, Daryl’s crossbow, a walker’s head, Carl’s hat, Michonne’s Katana, and Rick’s gun. We used the head and hat. The only problem with the hat was that it could be hard to pick up sometimes, but it really wasn’t a big issue.

We did notice because the board is so dark and the pieces are dark, it sometimes made it hard to find our pieces! I think if we had been drinking, it would have been much worse!

Walking Dead Monopoly Game Pieces

Instead of houses and hotels, there are fences and guard towers. We thought that maybe you could connect the fences vertically, so we tried. It kind of worked, but it was really hard to get them apart, so we just kept each fence separate.

Fences Walking Dead Monopoly

Once you get guard towers on your property, any sucker who lands on it has to pay a ton! My poor husband kept landing on my only set of properties with guard towers, and he quickly went broke.

Guard Towers Walking Dead Monopoly

He had to mortgage every single property he had just to pay rent. And, the next time he went around the board and landed on Woodbury’s Fighting Arena, he was done and I won!

Mortgaged properties walking dead monopoly

Will You Want To Buy The Walking Dead Monopoly Game?

We really liked The Walking Dead Monopoly. I REALLY liked it because I won! 😉

Walking Dead Monopoly Money

But we both like the game because it is aesthetically pleasing and you get the overall tone and energy of The Walking Dead from it. All the details including the games pieces, properties, and Survivors and Walkers cards, matched the show to a tee.

It took two of us about an hour and a half to finish it, BUT that was with a lot of reading the rules and making slow decisions as we played. I think if we had played the whole game as fast as we did at the end, we would have been done in about 45 minutes or less.

Of course, I did buy fences very quickly on my properties! So that helped.

There is also Speed Play Rules for the game. You deal out three random property deeds to each player before the game starts and only require three fences instead of four to buy a guard tower. They say this takes 60-90 minutes, which is what it took us to finish our regular game moving slowly!

For two players I don’t think it’s necessary to speed it up. But maybe with more than two players, these Speed Play rules might help out.

I know my dad hates Monopoly because it takes too long, so he may be coaxed into playing if we promise a speeded up version.

To sum it up, I highly recommend The Walking Dead Monopoly board game if you are someone who likes The Walking Dead and likes board games, or you know someone who likes The Walking Dead and likes board games.

If you are interested, and you are in the United States, you can buy the game on Amazon here. And if you are in Canada, you can but it on Amazon here.

And if you don’t have Amazon Prime yet, you need to get it so you can quickly grab things like this that you want without paying shipping.


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