My Second Week Of Trying To Do 7 Mindvalley Courses At Once

I took on the challenge of trying to do 7 Mindvalley courses at once. It seemed like a daunting task, but my first week went really well. I thought my second week was going to be a breeze. I planned to buckle down and bust out my classes each morning. It didn’t happen that way. In fact, I haven’t even done one course for the past 5 days. Here’s why.

I Started Feeling Unwell

Woman who can't handle it anymore

I have hypothyroidism as well as some hormonal problems that I’m working on getting fixed, and they both decided to wreak havoc on me starting about 6 days ago. To sum it up, I was exhausted, in pain, and my mental state wasn’t the best.

Honestly, I couldn’t sit down and get through a class. My state of being and mind was not allowing me to do it. I couldn’t sit at my desk and concentrate. I was getting annoyed, angry, and upset with myself.

I Went On A Small Retreat

Once in a while, I do a two-night retreat type thing where I stay in a hotel. I call it a planning retreat. I bring all of my planners and my Lifebook, and I look at the next month or two coming up and what I want to achieve.

I normally get a clear head when I check into a hotel, so I planned to restart my courses on my check-in day.

Turns out, I could concentrate on my classes or my work. I couldn’t plan. I was so scatterbrained that I couldn’t focus on one thing. I would think about something and that would lead me to think about something else, and I just couldn’t focus on my work or my life at all. I was all over the place.

I started to think that I had overwhelmed myself by taking the courses while trying to maintain other areas of my normal routine.

I finally had to give up trying to do anything productive because I wasn’t able to and it was just making me upset. I decided to just enjoy the hotel room and the surrounding area.

Interestingly enough, as I was watching TV on my last night at the hotel, somebody said something in a show that was exactly what I needed to hear.

Take it seriously. 

When I heard it, I instantly popped up and wrote those three words down in my planner.

I realized that it was all I needed to write down for the whole planning retreat this time around. It was the reminder I needed to move forward.

The truth is that I know what I need to do going forward for the next few months in my life and in my work. But what I didn’t know (or wasn’t understanding) was that I really need to start taking everything seriously.

I know that my whole retreat was about finding those three words.

So, while I’ve had a little break from taking my 7 courses in one day, I haven’t stopped. I’m in it with a different frame of mind now. We will see how it goes this week.

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