The Lifebook Refund: You Can Get It If You Do The Work

Last Updated on October 27, 2021 by Kari

Update: There is no Lifebook refund anymore. They ended it a few months ago.

I don’t work at Mindvalley or for Lifebook, but because I’ve taken the Lifebook program and wrote a Lifebook review and some articles about it, I do get a lot of questions about it. Most recently, I had someone email me and tell me that they had tried Lifebook Online but it didn’t resonate with them. They only made it halfway through before quitting. Then, when they tried to get their refund back, they didn’t get it. This person was extremely upset about not getting the refund back. But the thing is that they could have easily gotten their refund if they had just stuck with the program for a little bit longer.

question about lifebook refund

Lifebook Offers The Refund To Those Who Complete The Program

They make it pretty clear right from the sales page. If you want a refund, you need to do the work. You need to watch the videos and create your own Lifebook. Then, when the course ends, if you choose to go on to Lifebook Mastery, you can, or you can get your refund.

The person who emailed me gave up halfway through, but still expected a refund. It just doesn’t work like that. It’s not about trying, it’s about doing.

All you have to do is do the work for the entire 6 weeks, then when the time comes to apply for the refund, apply for it confident that you have done the work and can get a refund.

The Taxes Are Included In The Refund

I’ve been asked a lot about getting taxes back with the refund.

If you have been charged extra taxes because of where you live – VAT taxes – then Mindvalley says that you will get those taxes along with your $500 refunded together.

Over the past few years, I’ve never heard anyone complain that they didn’t get the taxes back with their refund.

Commit To The Lifebook Process

If you are thinking about getting a refund, then make sure you commit to finishing the program. That’s the only way you can get a refund.

I suggest you do things like:

Stay curious – The more curious you are, the more interested you will be, which will keep you doing the work and going forward. I try to be curious about everything I learn. Questions that start with why, how, when, and where are all good questions to ask as you go through each category. Get interested in each category and how you are currently approaching them and all the many ways you could approach them moving forward.

Get excited about change – In order to discover limiting beliefs that are holding you back, you need to get excited about change. You need to be open to the fact that change is required. Take a look at where you are struggling and get excited to find new ways of thinking and doing as you go through the program.

Remember you are unique – Lifebook is about creating a vision that is specific to you. You may not resonate with everything Jon and Missy say. Don’t let that bother you. They are giving you examples from their life and experience, but they are not hard and fast rules. Focus on your uniqueness and let it shine through so that you can be as excited as possible while creating your Lifebook. Also, let yourself create your Lifebook in a way that resonates with your uniqueness. I’ve seen so many different ways of creating a Lifebook (online and offline) that I can guarantee you will be able to find a unique way to express your statements and visions.

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