My Intellectual Month Challenge Is Focused On Membership Content

It’s February, and in the Lifebook Membership, that means it’s intellectual month. This year, I’ve decided to make a challenge for each month’s focus. I like taking on challenges. I find that it’s the best way to create habits and do what I say I’m going to do. It’s addicting in a way.

Last month I did an exercise challenge for health month, which was awesome. I found a few YouTube channels that offer great workouts.

Some YouTube channels offered great workouts with ads every 5 minutes which was useless because you had to stop and start all the time. But, some YouTube channels understood what a workout was and put their ads at the beginning and end of the workout so that you could engage with them without stopping and starting and still support their channel.

My favorite workout channel that I discovered during the challenge is Pamela Reif’s channel. She offers no talking in many videos, serious workouts, and her videos include countdowns and exercises posted in the top so you know what you are doing and what’s coming up.

My Intellectual Strategies

I wanted to base my intellectual challenge around my strategies for the category as well as my long term goals. In the intellectual month, I have a ton of strategies! Many of which I already do.

intellectual strategies

I decided to take my 1-hour learning seriously this month in relation to the Lifebook membership. I’ve challenged myself to go into the Lifebook membership area and watch as many videos and read as many Lifenotes as I can for at least one hour a day for 31 days. I’m starting with the Intellectual category and will work my way through other categories.

I’ve been engaging with the new stuff that has come out for this month, and soon I will go back into the archives and find videos that I haven’t watched and Lifenotes that I haven’t read.  Or maybe I’ll just watch stuff I’ve already watched again and go through the entire section. I kind of like that idea better.

Once I finish the Intellectual category, I’ll move onto another one.

I chose this challenge for a couple of reasons:

  1. I want to make the most of the money I pay for the membership and watch everything I can. I like to get as much out of my money spent as possible. I’m not one to let subscriptions just sit there not being used.
  2. There are some seriously awesome insights inside the content created for the Lifebook membership. The more I watch, the more inspired I get. I collect ideas for myself that I would never have thought of before, and it’s interesting to see what other people have to say about the content too. The Lifebook membership group is very interesting. We had a live call yesterday for the Intellectual month with Jon and Missy, and all I could think about was how passionate about life the people on the call were. You can see that they are interested in creating an awesome life and radiate an energy that you can’t find on Twitter or Instagram or anywhere else. The membership is a place to go for positive, inspiring, and motivating content and ideas.

That’s it for intellectual month. I haven’t made any other goals and I’m not going to implement any more habits, besides the ones I already have. I just want to focus on challenging myself to learn one hour every day without fail – no matter what is going on in my world. It’s a habit that I want to keep in my life, so it’s perfect for me.

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